Welcome to Plant Power Month, where we celebrate the benefits of sustainable eating and encourage everyone to embrace plant-based diets! 🌿

As a company committed to providing sustainable and ethical options, we at Ecco Bella are thrilled to be part of this movement. 🍅🥕🍉🍍

When you make small changes to your diet, you can have a significant impact on your health, the environment and animal welfare. Here are some tips on how to choose more plant-based options:

plant based food

💚Start small: When transitioning to a more plant-based diet, it can be overwhelming to change all your eating habits at once. Instead, start small by incorporating one or two plant-based meals per week and gradually increase the number over time. This approach makes it easier to adjust to new tastes and textures, and it can help you sustain the changes in the long term.

plant based food

💚Opt for plant-based protein: Many people believe that animal products are the only way to get enough protein in their diet. However, this is not true! Plant-based sources of protein include legumes (such as beans, lentils, and peas), tofu, tempeh, seitan, nuts, and seeds. These options are not only healthy and nutritious, but they are also more sustainable and ethical than animal products. Our Boon Broth is another excellent option for plant-based protein. It is made from plant-based ingredients and contains 12g of protein per serving!

Plant based cooking

💚Explore new recipes: Eating a plant-based diet doesn’t have to be boring or repetitive! There are countless delicious and nutritious plant-based recipes available online and in cookbooks. By trying new recipes and ingredients, you can discover new flavors and textures that you may never have experienced before. We have a FREE recipe e-book of plant-based recipes for you to try!

buy local

💚Choose organic and local produce: By choosing organic and locally-sourced produce, you can reduce your carbon footprint and support sustainable farming practices. Organic farming avoids the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers, which can harm the environment and animal welfare. Buying locally-sourced produce reduces the energy needed to transport food over long distances, which can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, it’s a great way to support local farmers and communities.

Remember, even small changes can make a big difference! 💚

boon broth

Our specially-formulated drinkable, Boon Broth, is a delicious and healthy way to add more nutrition to your diet while also supporting our Earth!

Boon Broth is rich in plant-based protein, nutrients and mind-body benefits, including:

🌿Support for skin, bone, and joint health
🌿72 trace minerals
🌿25% of your daily calcium
🌿200% of your daily Vitamin D
🌿B vitamins

Try it out here and let us know how you like it!

By making small changes to your diet, you can make a big difference to your health and the environment. 🤩