NutraChic, The Red Drink that Holds the Line Against Lines.

When seeking optimal results, beauty devotees know that to go within radiates as beauty without. We need only open our eyes to the techniques demonstrated by nature all around us. Observant scientists have done a wonderful job imitating nature and what I have learned from them, I happily share with you. These are products that I rely upon and cannot live without.

The sun is our life giver and it takes it away, too. You have seen the dried-up bones lying white in the desert or the lined faces of those people who work outdoors as well as the sun-worshippers who regret it after decades of overexposure to the sun.

Both UVA-the invisible rays and UVB-the burn rays, do us good, for example, when producing Vitamin D, but they also must be prevented from prematurely aging us, making our skin furrowed, dry, saggy and rough.

Woman facing sun

Don’t do this more than twenty minutes per day!

Slow down and even reverse sun damage, with an inner magic shield.

Skin acts as a barrier protecting our organs, but what protects the skin, the noble largest organ of the body?

When I found it years ago, I was excited and immediately became an enthusiast. By ingesting these nutrients found in nature we protect the skin and keep it functioning and touchable, keep collagen firm and structural even from the daily accumulation of exposure to the environment and the sun’s ultra-violet light.

I am so pleased that others wish to learn more about these deeply pigmented yellow, orange and red nutrients lutein, lycopene and astaxanthin that build up under the skin as a what I call, a magic shield.

Not wanting to leave any of them out, I put all three plus vitamin C, super vitamin E, CoQ10, l-carnitine and d-ribose, into NutraChic, The Red Beauty Drink, because these are what I have been taking for years and they work.

nutra chic

When you drink down the refreshing red berry-tasting liquid beauty dietary supplement NutraChic, your body has the natural intelligence to deliver these vegan nutrients right under your skin!  These were made for beauty!

Once you discover what astaxanthin does for you, you’ll be tickled pink!

Flamingos have been gobbling up the algae that contains the nutrients found in nature’s royal carotenoid astaxanthin for ages. But why should our feathered friends have all the benefits?

nutra chic flamingo

What do they know that we ought to know? It has to do with what they do all day, which is hang out in the sun! What protects them? The deeply pigmented “king of the carotenoids”, astaxanthin from sea algae. It’s a key ingredient in NutraChic, The Red Drink for Beauty. And no, you won’t turn pink, you’ll just glow!

In the below photo you can see that when the sun’s rays hit green algae, it turns red to protect itself. The flamingo eats the algae to get its share of astaxanthin.

nutra chic lab slide

Photo credit, Valensa.

While not a replacement for chemical-free sunblock, dietary supplement NutraChic is a natural treatment from the inside out to help protect our skin and body from the environment’s photo-aging effects on DNA, collagen and elastin. The nutrients help protect us from the blue light from indoor lighting and computers, too.

Astaxanthin, the royal carotenoid can stop a sunburn!

In the photo below on the right you can see that astaxanthin reduced the effects of sunburn after ingesting 4 mg a day for 10 weeks (that is the amount in NutraChic). Less sunburn means a stronger immune system and stronger collagen. The study also found that skin moisture was improved and rough texture diminished.1

nutra chic astaxanthin

The synergy of eight nutrients takes beauty to new heights.

While any one of the eight nutrients in NutraChic are wondrous for healthy refined skin all by itself, relying on the synergy of all eight makes each other and you stronger together. Below are the results of a study that I thought would impress you, featuring astaxanthin and super vitamin E. Super vitamin E is the vitamin E of the 21st century. It is the one with all eight tocopherols and tocotrienols, a complete version of vitamin E that is 40 to 60 times more effective than vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) alone at quenching the free radicals that degrade collagen and cause wrinkles.

nutra chic palm fruit

Photo of sustainable palm fruit, the source of super vitamin E.

In a double blind, placebo-controlled study it was shown that the supplemented combination of 2 mg astaxanthin and 40 mg – natural sustainable palm mixed tocotrienols, subjects with dry skin characteristics had an increased moisture level, consistent natural oils and a reduction of fine wrinkles and pimples. As a result, the treated subjects reported improved elasticity, reduced swelling under the eyes and had better skin feeling after the test period. On the contrary, the skin condition of subjects receiving a placebo did not improve and generally worsened during the test period. 2

Adding vitamin C gets the other nutrients to home plate.

nutra chic vitamin c

Vitamin C, prevents scurvy which is the falling apart of our veins and sinews. Need I say more about its necessity? Humans don’t produce vitamin C, so we have to ingest it. In NutraChic it is primarily there as the recharger for the other nutrients.3

CoQ10 is not just for hearts, its a skin savior.

CoQ10 is predominant in the cellular energy stations called the mitochondria. They are the power plants of all cells especially of our hearts. And yet CoQ10 the cellular energizer-of which we use a patented bio available version of CoQ10-has a smoothing effect on the skin. Wondrous! Add to it l-carnitine, the nutrient that helps keep the spark of CoQ10 consistent and you have the perfect pair. And that is why they are in NutraChic.

Another study examined the effect of CoQ10 oral supplementation on the skin. Their 12-week, double blind study tracked 33 subjects in a placebo-controlled experiment. At the end of the study, the research team noted “significantly reduced wrinkles and micro lines, and improved skin smoothness.” 4

D-Ribose is not just for athletes, its for beauty elites too.

D-ribose is for the elite athletes and beauty seekers. It’s a natural cellular energizer like the CoQ10 above. I made sure d-ribose was in the formula because when our cells are energized, we feel better, we smile more, we are upbeat and more attractive.

So, there you have a brief walk through of some of the studies and benefits of the eight nutrients in NutraChic, the red beauty drink for those seeking what’s missing in their beauty routine.

We put all eight together for you, so it’s the same price as if you bought all eight nutrients separately.

nutra chic value

But it’s not for everybody. It is for those seeking innovative, leading edge solutions to nutritionally boost their beauty game.

The alternative of ingesting animal derived collagen from slaughterhouses is not beneficial in any way and in fact, the production of such is harmful to the environment. There is no proof that eating slaughterhouse animal collagen rebuilds your beauty. A product with such downsides cannot be good for you. NutraChic elegantly supports your body’s own ability to restore and rebuild collagen. It’s proven.

Please look out for more articles by us on these natural vegan nutrients and their fascinating stories of where they come from and how they are made by brilliant scientists around the world, brought to you by us, your advocates for beauty and well-being.

NutraChic is independently certified and as always, we back our product with a 100% money back guarantee.

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