Being in nature helps the mind filter out the delusions of human emotion. It is those emotions and feelings that set the reality we experience.

Reality is mirrored back to us.

For example, by generating feelings of gratitude I experience a reality that is hopeful and happier.

We do this individually and collectively, and in keeping with this mirror effect, we are co-creators of our reality.

How to deal with fear? Embrace it, acknowledge it and replace it with gratitude.

There is no need to feel guilty about seeking happiness during tough times. Your feelings of confidence and gratitude, even though cultivated, will mirror into the universe and could save the life of someone stuck in fear.

Here are three wonderful opportunities to soothe turbulent emotions and move into the realm of gratitude and happiness, so you can better mirror love and hope to the planet.

If you have time, share your ideas for mirroring love and hope and I will share them with our group of wonderful, caring friends.


Sincerely yours,
Sally Malanga

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