Titanium Dioxide is all the talk right now ever since Skittles was sued for having the ingredient in their infamous “Taste the Rainbow” products because it has been deemed “unfit for human consumption.”

While Titanium Dioxide might not be safe to eat, is it safe to apply topically?


titanium dioxide

Titanium Dioxide, an inert earth metal, has been a powerhouse skin care ingredient for years because of its well-known benefits to help protect against sun damage and environmental factors. Due to its gentle properties, it’s great for sensitive, redness-prone or acne-prone skin.

Instead of using toxic chemical sunscreens in our premium skin care, we use Titanium Dioxide as a natural supporter of skin protection because of its superior ability to handle UV rays.

So, why is Titanium Dioxide healthy for the skin, but not for consumption?

For cosmetic use, Titanium Dioxide is typically micronized and coated which ensures it does not penetrate the skin and enter the body. Even when other Titanium Dioxide particles are used (like nanoparticles), the size of the substance is large enough to ensure it doesn’t penetrate the skin.

Therefore, you can be rest assured you are getting the eco-protection that Titanium Dioxide provides without the risk of it causing harm to your body. The Titanium Dioxide stays on the surface of your skin and the minerals help reflect harmful rays away, keeping your skin protected.

Titanium Dioxide is a favorite skin protector because it does not discolor or degrade when exposed to UV light, making it more effective than other commonly used skin protectors.

It’s also good to note that the titanium is not a powder which can cause respiratory issues when it is mixed in an emulsion such as in our Recharge Day Cream or wonderful foundations.

titanium dioxide on your skin

Where can I get my hands on Titanium Dioxide?

We have formulated our best-selling Recharge Day Cream with Titanium Dioxide as a shield to bounce away potential eco-damage while FortiSomes combat free radical damage. Lutein from marigolds, inside the FortiSomes, has been confirmed to be a blue light shield which helps protect you from the effects of indoor light. Recharge Day Cream will help to prevent and repair the visible signs of aging.

Thank you, Titanium Dioxide, for being a non-toxic girl’s best friend!

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