Feel Like You Must Choose Between Anti-Aging and Acne Products?

Do you feel like you’ve got to choose between anti-aging and anti-blemish products? You’ve got serums, cleansers, potions, and lotions, not to mention a routine that takes seems to take longer and longer. How many products does it takes to dust on some glow across your face and highlight your eyes through all four seasons? What if we told you it could take just one?

Seek Products That Multi-Task

  • Natural Leave-on Invisible Exfoliant and Blemish Remedy not only smooths out wrinkles it also diminishes bumps, roughness, and blemishes anywhere on your face and body. Imagine that! Just one bottle can accomplish all that, because of its unique properties.
  • FlowerColor foundation perform triple duty: quenching your skin like a moisturizer, evening your skin tone with a hint of natural color, and providing sunscreen protection. Did we mention that its formula of organic herbs and vitamin E rejuvenate, protect, and soothe skin, too?
  • FlowerColor Shimmer Dust. This gem is both eyeshadow and face powder. Using that big fluffy, rounded powder brush, sweep some of the product across your face to kiss your skin with a radiant glow and a minimal amount of color. When you’re done, reach for a blending brush to apply shimmer dust to your eyes for a natural, no-fuss look. Did you know that applying a lighter, natural color to your entire eyelid will make your lids appear larger and brighter?
  • FlowerColor Powdered Eyeliner is another multitasking option. A dry, blending brush swept across the eyeliner pallet gives you gorgeous color as an eye shadow. Play up the drama of a smoky eye with these deep, luminous shades. If you want to be more subtle, use a dry angled brush to apply the powdered liner hue of your choice to the crease of your eyes, coupled with complementary, lighter hues of FlowerColor Eyeshadow along the lid and up to the brow. A powdered liner is also destined to be used as a liner. Dampen your angle brush (or a cotton swab) before swiping it across the pallet to create a defined, intense line in one easy brush stroke. There, all that work from one little color pallet, and you look fantastic!
  • FlowerColor Lipstick that thinks it’s a lip balm. (Hint: you can drench your lips in even more love with Vitamin E Lip Smoothers.) Don’t put the lipstick down because its work is not yet done! Sweep your index finger across the lipstick to pick up a generous amount of color on the fingertip. Rub your index finger and thumb together to warm things up slightly. Now smile at your pretty face in the mirror to find the apples of your cheeks. With a gentle tap along the upper half of those gorgeous cheek bones, apply the color. Now compare that one tube of all natural, organic lipstick that can do all that in one tube. Impressive!

Surely an Intelligent Beauty like you has her own repertoire of time-saving, multitasking tricks up her sleeve. We want to hear about it! Take a picture of your best look and tell us what you did to create it. Be sure to tag us on Instagram @eccobellabeauty and use the hashtag #EBMultitasking