In recent years, animal bone broth has surged in popularity, touted as a miracle elixir for everything from joint health to digestive well-being. But does it truly live up to the hype, especially when it comes to aiding digestion? A closer examination suggests that the benefits of bone broth, especially for digestion, may not be as significant as often claimed.

Animal Bone Broth: Nutritional Composition and Claims

Animal bone broth, typically made by simmering animal bones, is believed to be rich in collagen, minerals and amino acids. Proponents claim that these components aid gut health, improve digestion and support the intestinal lining. However, the digestion process challenges these claims. When ingested, collagen or gelatin is broken down into amino acids and does not directly contribute to collagen in the body. Dr. William H. Percy, an associate professor at the University of South Dakota, emphasizes that the idea of consuming collagen to directly benefit human collagen is scientifically flawed, as collagen is a poor source of amino acids (Percy, University of South Dakota).

 Animal Bone Broth Potential Risks and Contaminants

Concerns about bone broth include the possible presence of heavy metals and other contaminants. A study in the “Medical Hypotheses” journal found that bone broth might contain lead, a harmful heavy metal (Monro, Medical Hypotheses, 2013). This raises questions about the safety of long-term consumption of bone broth.

Animal Bone Broth, a Waste of Money

If animal bone broth does not contain anti-inflammatories or digestive aids, minerals or protein then it adds up to a tub of grey water with a small amount of gelatin or collagen in it that is costly to humans, harms animals and harms the planet.

Science Based Views on Digestive Health

Nutritional experts often advocate for a diet rich in fiber, vegetables and whole grains for digestive health, emphasizing the role of dietary fiber in gut health (Mayo Clinic). Unlike animal bone broth, these food groups have extensive research backing their benefits for digestion and gut health.

Boon Broth: A Plant-Based Alternative

In light of the uncertainties surrounding animal bone broth, Boon Broth emerges as a compelling alternative. This vegan broth contains a blend of plant-based ingredients like sulfur-compound MSM, curcumin, algae calcium and associated trace minerals, yellow chlorella, B vtamins and plant protein, which are known for their health benefits without the risks associated with animal-based products.

Here are why some of the ingredients in plant-based Boon Broth are beneficial for gut health:

Yellow Chlorella: It’s high in beta-glucans and fiber, which are known to support digestion. Chlorella has been studied for its effects on promoting a healthy gut flora and enhancing immune response, which is crucial for gut health (Source: “Journal of Medicinal Food”).

MSM: While primarily known for its joint health benefits, MSM also has anti-inflammatory properties that could be beneficial for reducing gut inflammation, a common issue in various digestive disorders (Source: “Osteoarthritis and Cartilage”).

Curcumin: Found in turmeric, curcumin is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Research suggests that curcumin can help maintain gut barrier function and modulate gut microbiota, which are vital for digestive health (Source: “Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry”).


For those looking to support their gut health, a balanced diet enriched with plant-based foods and supplements like Boon Broth may be a more effective and safer approach than relying on animal bone broth.

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