Are your cosmetics expired

Are your cosmetics collecting dust in drawers and fuzz in your purse? 💄 Have you left them in your car? High heat can make them go rancid.

Each time you use your cosmetics, they collect bacteria which go directly on your skin and can cause breakouts, rashes or worse. It’s not good for your skin or health to be using outdated products!

See the expiration estimation below for some of your favorite products!

✨Concealer: one year
✨Cream blush: one year
✨Eyeliner: three months
✨Eyeliner pencil: two years
✨Eyeshadow: one year
✨Foundation: one year
✨Lip balm: one to two years
✨Lip gloss: one year
✨Lipstick: two years
✨Liquid eyeliner: three months
✨Mascara: three months
✨Nail polish: one year (has to go to hazardous waste)
✨Powder blush: two years
✨Skin care products: one year

So, do you have expired cosmetics laying around? 🤔

If so, it’s time to toss ’em! It’s a new year, so it’s time to switch out your old cosmetics for some new, healthy ones!

Ones that are good for you, the animals and the planet! 🤩

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