June 20th through 26th is Animal Rights Awareness Week, which happens each year to bring more attention to the unfortunate lives that animals face everyday because of modern business.

It’s estimated that 200 million animals are killed for human consumption every day, with the U.S. being mainly responsible for the rise of industrial animal agriculture, in which animals are forced to endure lifetimes where they are not treated as sentient, intelligent beings.

We built Ecco Bella and AVEGAN Beauty to teach others that the world doesn’t have to use animals for product testing or human consumption. There are other methods to accomplish the goals of product safety and efficacy.

We believe that not only do humans deserve respect but that all animals deserve compassion, respect, and dignity..

We also believe humans can wear makeup, use skincare, and eat healthy, balanced diets without sacrificing another living being in the process. Animal rights means respect for ourselves and is truly at the core of everything we do.

Here are 3 ways you can take action for animals this week:

1. Use vegan & cruelty free beauty products

The products you use on your face & body matter because when you buy from a company using animal testing your dollars go directly to animal suffering.

Not only that, but your skin is the largest organ of your body – so what you put on it is important!

Using quality, research-backed, plant-based ingredients in your beauty routine will benefit you inside and out.

Though animal testing has often been justified as a “safety measure” for humans, the National Institute of Health reports that 95 out of every 100 drugs that pass animal tests fail in humans.

That’s why we created NutraChic, a vegan collagen-boosting supplement. If you aren’t getting the results from your skin care routine, its because you need both internal support AND external support. Without both, you are getting only half a system and half the results.

2. Go animal-free as often as you can, even one meal a day helps.

There is proof that everyone can sustain themselves with a vegan lifestyle. Instead of eating an animal who has been nourished by plant nutrients, we can go straight to the source and nourish ourselves with a plant-based diet. We are treating our skincare products as responsibly as food. That’s why we created an entirely vegan line of skincare & supplements to support your natural beauty.

However, just using vegan beauty products isn’t enough to end animal suffering. The best way to have an impact for animals is to reduce your consumption of animal products.

Some people feel that it can be daunting to stop eating meat without any experience cooking vegan meals. Because of this, we recommend you do everything you can to reduce your meat consumption realistically but not be afraid to experiment with vegetables and grains. We recommend Forks Over Knives to help you with recipes.

An easy way to ease into veganism is trying out Meatless Mondays. From there, you can try switching every other week to vegan and non-vegan weeks. After you get the hang of eating a vegan diet, you’ll find it’s easier to maintain than you might have previously thought. Plus you’ll have more energy and brighter skin!

Practice makes perfect. It can take time to unlearn what society has taught us about diet & food – but we believe you’ll feel better, and the planet will too, if you transition to a vegan lifestyle.

3. Invest in brands that are making the world a kinder place.

We have a bold mission to radically change the beauty industry. But we need the support of people like you to make that mission a reality.

Despite the growing demand for beauty products that are free of animal testing, waste products from the meat and fishing industries are increasingly making their way into the ingredient list of popular beauty products, most notably collagen supplements.

To counter this cruel and inhumane trend, AVEGAN Beauty has introduced a powerful and effective plant-based alternative to animal collagen supplements. Combined with our morning and evening skin care products, we provide a complete cruelty-free AND animal-free solution for healthy, vibrant skin called NutraChic.

Your investment will help us scale production and sales of AVEGAN Beauty products to challenge the growing animal collagen fad, and replace these cruel products with safe and effective supplements and skin care solutions. 

Please help us reach our goal of transforming the animal collagen industry by investing $100 or more today.